Items currently available for sale

From February 2020 till the end of August 2020 the price of each item sold has been donated to good causes.

I will continue with donating 50% to the charity of your choice on any sales during the pandemic.

Shop display of items at 2 Newlands Road, Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE2 3NT. Why not go for a delicious cake open Thursday – Sunday 10am – 4pm

So far nearly £300 has been raised (WWF,BritishRedCross,MedicalAidforPalestine,UNICEFchildrensfund,DuchenneMuscularDystrophy,AlzheimersUK and BrittanysNeedingHomes)

10cm square coasters £6 each or all 5 for £25

15cm x 10 cm flat based dish in iridescent glass in purple and bluish/gold tones – very difficult to show in the photo as the light catches the colours differently
£15 plus postage
15cm x 10cm flat based dish in iridescent blue and iridescent purple.
£15 plus postage
30cms x 15 cms Heart Platter using a technique called batik which used fine powdered glass in layers which are then carved into to reveal the underlying layers and then fired to 800C where the glass is liquid and then cooled down very gently. The next process is to heat it up again gently to about 640C when the glass is soft and bendy but not liquid and it is slumped into a form or mould.
This iridescent platter is £20 it is 24cm x 10.5cms
suitable for use with food or just as a decoration
The appearance is different depending on the light.
Fish garden ornament £10 each
sold (similar can be made for£10
These fish can be made either to hang from a small wire fused into the glass like the blue one in this picture or they can have a small channel in the bottom like the fish garden ornament into which a stick, pipe or wire can be inserted to display in the garden or at the edge of your pond.
I can make them in various colourways at £10 each
small fridge magnet 5cm long – black with white/violet flowers £4

soap dish 15cm x 10 cm clear iridescent with red and purple raised pieces to keep soap off the base
£15 plus postage
clear Marigold platter £20
30 x 15 cms slightly curved clear platter. The clear glass has ‘champagne’ bubbles throughout and a central strip of marigold flowers and leaves. It is food safe. This was originally being submitted to the the Contemporary Glass Society’s ‘Glorious Glass’ exhibition in The biscuit factory gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne Summer 2020
detail of Marigolds
24 cm diameter clear round bowl. With strips of blue/purple iridescent glass pattern. Food safe. £25.
This was originally being submitted to the the Contemporary Glass Society’s ‘Glorious Glass’ exhibition in The biscuit factory gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne Summer 2020
24cm bowl £30 blue squares of copper oxide with copper and silver fish inserts
soap dish 15 x10 cms £15 ribbed base
soap dish 15cm x 10cm black and white with a satin finish ( ribbed base)
hanging egg 6cm largest diameter. Spring theme looks pretty hanfing in the window
10cm square coasters £6 each I can make more santa coasters to order
soap dish 15cm x 10cm
£15 raised blue dots to keep the soap dry. sold
15cm x 10cm dish £15 White with flat base . Green leaves patterns embedded. food safe
12cm square dish £12 deep purple and deep blue iridescent. food safe sold

Door or gate number plate

house number plate
this can be made to order with your number and a similar design – you choose the colours. 2 holes drilled with ‘car number plate fixings’ to enable fixing onto a gate
approx £25 – depending on size and number of flowers. This one is on iridescent green semi transparent back ground.
Ribbed soap dish £15 In ‘robin egg blue base with french vanilla frit which causes a reaction with the blue giving it the brown edges to the frit.
Dish 15 x 10cm £18 Flat base robin egg blue with black pattern

fish platter 20cm x 40 cms £30

£35 platter 29cm x 19 cm pale pink roses and darker pink leaves embedded in clear glass with ‘champagne bubbles’
Various tea lights available these are 15cm square pieces of glass that have been fired over a steel mug to drape in a handkerchief style. Ideal for Christmas table. £10 each or 2 for £15 plus postage.

assorted Christmas decorations available I have put them in sets so choose the set number below you want.

I can make more to order
Number 1
set of Christmas decorations (£15 plus postage)
Number 2 set of Christmas decorations( £15 plus postage)
number 3
set of Christmas decorations (£15 plus postage)
number 4
set of Christmas decorations (£15 plus postage)
number 5
set of Christmas decorations (£15 plus postage )
Number 6
set of Christmas decorations (£15 plus postage )
Cast poppy head on rosewood base
small blue window or garden hanger 12 x 5cms
£8 plus postage

Two photos of this platter as its very difficult to show how the light changes it
It is 25cm square with a slightly curved base – but it sits flat on the base.
It is £30 plus postage. I can make similar in different sizes eg oblong 40cm x 20 cm.